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Focus area


We are continuously building a family
of innovative and sustainable brands

We make a difference by adopting a long term vision to become brand category leaders supported by premium quality standards.

Together we build brands for the current generation and the next one to love. Seeking commitment in translating the brand’s vision to local customers confirming with the changing needs and retail opportunities.

Sport & Outdoor

We bring together a selection of unique brands, highest quality products for sport, travel, camping and outdoor retail.

We develop adventure product lines which include: travel accessories, daypacks, bags, hydration and cooking “on the go” essentials.

Automotive Aftermarket

Tramontana IMC is dedicated to providing you with a wide selection of quality aftermarket car accessories, allowing you to customize and renovate your car, truck or SUV. In need of unique parts or accessories what will help you stand out from the crowd? Working on enhancing your car what will create the best looking, safe and secure drive ever?

We develop automotive aftermarket product lines with OEM quality like, wheel security, car climate and battery charging systems, wheel repair and maintenance material and wiper blades.

Industrial supplies

Unlike some of the other trends in the industry, precision manufacturing has the potential to completely revolutionize the way how a range of industries operate, allowing to cut costs while simultaneously increasing efficiency, tightening tolerances, and providing a more reliable way of producing parts.

We at Tramontana IMC have industrial marketing expertise which helps us to select the materials which fit the industrial process of our customers. The lineup of our product range consist of: welding electrodes, spark erosion wires, strip materials, non-ferrous tube, wires and strip materials.

Retail Logistics

Today’s consumers are increasingly connected and demand a mixture of always-available products. Retailers all over the world are in a race to adapt their supply chains to these more frequent and diverse deliveries, while maintaining the efficiency of bulk deliveries to a mixed portfolio of store formats.

Tramontana IMC implements wheel based load carrier solutions into retail industry supply chain for increasing efficiency, sustainability and cost-effective approach.

Own brands

Accumulating a best practice we constantly explore the industrial
and consumer markets in search for niches where we can implement
our marketing expertise.

We develop our private brands in different business segments united with the same philosophy “Don’t follow trends - Set trends”. We have our own brands for innovative wiper blade systems, bags and city daypacks.