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Tramontana:IMC Agency for proactive brand and product marketing.

Who we are?

Why Tramontana:Imc

A global importer and regional distributor
to the retail and industrial markets.
An expert
in b2b brand and product marketing.
An innovative partner
which can develop new approaches in distribution and marketing solutions.
A reliable partner
who understands trends.
A supplier with a wide portfolio
of niche products and services.

About us

Suppliers from 4 continents
We work globally and act locally
Sales offices in 3 countries
Global e-commerce presence
Headquarter in Belgrade Serbia
We serve 350+ businesses
And we have experience in 15+ different industries
This is how we ensure that our customers get the right solution.

Way of working

Being marketing experts we select products, materials and brands with the highest business potential and unique selling points. Moreover we ensure availability and create the consumer in-flow, brand awareness, pr crowd and after-sales service.
We create a seamless consumer response flow, analyze the potential and opportunities.
Analyzing the results and success stories and constantly implementing the most vital practice to increase the marketing effort efficiency. Moreover we are researching new business spheres selecting potential future brand and product “champions”
We ensure the highest product competence within our company and at our customers point of sales through product training and collecting feedback from the market.

Sustainable together

Tramontana:IMC is developing its business in line with its December 2019 Sustainable Development Strategy.

We are focused on four areas where we can make the most meaningful impact: promoting health and wellbeing, protecting the environment and taking care of our employees and the community. Implementing programmes to achieve our goals.
Gender equality
Decent work and economic growth
Responsible consumption and production
Climate actions